Thursday, February 15, 2007

Good always wins over evil

The Badgers proved this addage quite convincingly last night with a trouncing of Minnesota 75-62. Player of the year Alando Tucker dropped 29 points against the sad Goophs. The Badgers even did all this at Minnesota, and laughed about it as you can see from Kam Taylor.

How much of a mismatch is WI vs MN? The Border Battle between these two schools is heavily in favor of WI
265-95 and after the Badgers' wrestling team destroys the ring-worm laden MN squad, the spread will be even greater.

It's a great time for Badger sports. There are nationally high-ranked programs on both the men's and women's side. We could very well be in the golden age of the university athletics.


Freealonzo said...

Hey Cheesy, don't county the Gophers out yet. Badger men's hockey probably won't even get in the tournament and once the Gophers men win Hockey and Wrestling Championships, we'll right back up there. Also wait until our baseball team sweeps the bad.... oops Wisconsin doesn't have baseball team I forgot. I'm sure the women's softball team is quite good.

Cheesehead Craig said...

Hockey Tournaments don't count in the Border Battle, neither do the basketball ones.

Should be smooth sailing for Bucky for the rest of this Battle.

The Badger baseball team was eliminated back in the day when finances were so bad at UW. Barry came on board and changed all that. Baseball has not been added back on as the school would have to add a woman's sport per Title IX and there are none that have a lot of demand. College baseball is overrated anyway.