Monday, May 07, 2007

I love my daughter

So, we're sitting at the dinner table and my wonderful 4 year old daughter, Leah, has been asking for a pet lately. Here is how the conversation went:

Leah: "Can we get a kitty?"

Mrs. Cheesehead: "Well, if you can make your daddy not be allergic to them we can."

Leah: "How about a doggie?"

Mrs. Cheesehead: "Well, if you can make mommy not like dogs then you can. But you have a better chance at making daddy not allergic to cats."

Leah: "Well, if I had a different daddy then I could get a kitty."

Mrs. Cheesehead (laughing): "What would we do with this daddy then?"

Leah: "He would get a poodle."

There you have it. My kids get a new dad, my wife gets a new husband and they all get the cat that they want. My parting gift: a poodle. Yep, I'm bringing this up when she wants a car.


John B. said...

Yes, but the ladies in your life would be happy, and that is all tha tmatters, right?

Greg said...

That is a hilarious story! I am a New York Times bestselling author working on a new book about father-daughter relationships and thought you might want to contribute. Please visit my page for details about submitting stories for Daddy's Little Girl.

Gregory E. Lang
Author, Why a Daughter Needs a Dad