Sunday, May 07, 2006

Don't try this at home

Well, on Saturday afternoon, 4:30pm to be precise, I decided to do something that I will regret for a long time. I moved an average size photo album from a table. Doesn't sound like much does it, but wait, it gets better. Upon reaching to grab the album, my back locked up and I was in such a huge amount of pain that I almost dropped to the floor right then and there. After crawling up the stairs (I was in the basement) and collapsing on the couch, I waited for about an hour until my wife got home so that she could take me to the doctor. Luckily she had a Percocet and I took that, otherwise I never would have made it to the car and the doctor's office without a whole lot of explatives and help. I have to give a huge "Thank you" to my wife for taking care of me and dealing with a lot. Marrying a nurse definately has it's perks. Also want to thank my neighbors Shane and Molly for watching my kids while I was at the doctors.

Turns out I slipped a disc in my back and now I get the fun of Percocet of my very own and a lot of laying around for the next week or so. No surgery needed or anything, but a whole lot of pain nonetheless, even with the drugs. First major injury in my life like this, so it's a bit wierd. Speaking of painkillers, let's see how Favre and the boys are doing (ok, low blow but still).

The Packers started minicamp and Favre actually showed up! Good to see. Gets to play some football, meet the staff and new players, maybe actually speak with Rodgers. Can only be a good thing. Plus, Favre has come out and said that he will not be discussing the retirement talk any longer this season. About damn time he comes out with a statement like that. Long overdue IMO, but at least it's been said.

Bubba Franks gave some insight into new Coach Mike McCarthy: "He's a no-nonsense type of guy, a little different from Mike (Sherman). He's stressing X's and O's. I kind of like it that way." I like that too, like that a lot. Goes with other reports that MM wants things done right, plain and simple. He's not going to worry if he offends someone or be their friend. Quite different from Sherman.

Mark Roman has become the latest whiner on the Packers. He has asked for his release since he doesn't want to try and compete with Manuel for the starting safety job. He claims he feels "disrespected" and other stupid crap. Gee Mark, think maybe your shitty performance the last 2 seasons may have been the factor here for the upgrade? Buh-Bye. The Packers have a very promising young crop of DBs on the team and they really don't need Roman. If they can get some Berry-flavored Gatorade Rain for him, I'd consider that a steal.


Jeramey said...

Roman has been nothing but a dissapointment.

Get well soon!

Sara said...

A photo album? What, lined with lead sheets or something? A photo album? Geez. And you are a year younger than me! Get well soon! You old man, you!

Cheesehead Craig said...

Thanks guys. Just one of those wierd injuries that I cannot explain. Much much better today, but still not going to work.

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