Monday, August 21, 2006

See, it's not that bad

The Packers looked great in this past Saturday's preseason game against Atlanta. Favre had plenty of time to throw, the running game looked a little better and the D played better as well. So now the Negative Nellies have to nitpick to find something wrong for a week until the next game.

However, let's not get too full of ourselves. So far this team has shown it can play terrible and very good in 2 weeks. Which is the real team? Obviously somewhere in the middle, but closer to which end of the spectrum? Without Ahman Green in the lineup it's hard to gauge what the running game is truly going to look like. By all accounts he hits the hole how one is supposed to and looks like the back from 2003 that we all miss. The starting OL still needs to be named, although it's reported that that could happen this week.

It's preseason ball and all that matter are injuries and players getting better in their roles. The injury bug has now hit Henderson, who is out for 3-5 weeks with a knee injury. Vonta Leech steps in now at FB. He's reportedly a better blocker, but with bad hands for catching the ball. So it's a little give/take on this one. Henderson is not out for the season and will be back in his usual role leaping over defenders before we know it.

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