Monday, August 21, 2006

Since the trade

I was sitting here thinking "It's been about 3 weeks since the big Carlos Lee trade, I wonder how this all worked out?". So let's see how the particulars have done since the big deal. (Hey, I can show my complete ignorance about baseball as well as football here)

Texas 14-9 since the trade
Lee: .380 OBP (38-100) 2 HR 9 RBI
Cruz: .218 OBP (7-32) 2 HR 7 RBI

Milwaukee 11-11 since the trade
Mench: .281 OBP (20-71) 1 HR 12 RBI
Cordero: 1-0 9 saves 0.00 ERA 1.33 WHIP
Nix: Just called up, no real data yet.

So, the Crew lost a little offense in giving up Lee, that much we were all expecting, but Mench has driven in more runs in almost 30% fewer at-bats. Pretty interesting to say the least. Add in that Cordero has been lights out in closing, I would say that the Brewers got the better end of this deal at this time.

Also add in to this that there was no way we were going to keep Lee and to have Cordero anchoring the bullpen for the next 2 seasons and the production of Mench, I think Melvin did a nice job. Not to mention that the Brewers are, if nothing else, playing .500 ball, which is the elusive benchmark for this team.

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