Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tom Cruise : Packer Fan

After this latest embarrassment by the Packers in their 35-0 drubbing by the Pats, I decided that it was time to ask a famous Packer fan about his thoughts on the game. So I dialed up Tom Cruise at his Italian hotel where he is spending his honeymoon with his new bride, Katie Holmes. Here is our conversation:

CC: Hey Tom, thanks for talking with me today.

Tom: No problem Craig, that was one hell of a loss wasn't it? I had to watch it with my Eyes Wide Shut.

CC: No kidding. How do you deal with it when the Packers play this badly?

Tom: Well, I don't make any noise during or after the Packer game for 1 hour. It's just like the birthing event for my daughter. I watch in complete silence as do all others around me. In fact, I mute the TV as well.

CC: Seriously? That's got to be tough. I mean, I'm yelling and trying not to curse around my kids.

Tom: I know that I am in the Minority Report in regards to that, but I do have a Cocktail or two during the game and that helps.

CC: I see. So what are your thoughts on the Packers this year?

Tom: Well, Brett Favre is obviously still a Top Gun at the QB position, he's a Legend. The Young Guns on the OL and the defense are improving. In fact, I think that Pack are just A Few Good Men away from being a SB contender again. Some may think that dream is a Mission: Impossible, but not me.

CC: You seem really sold on the Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy plan.

Tom: This is Far and Away the best management we have had since Holmgren was here. It was a Risky Business hiring both Thompson and McCarthy, but so far they have made All The Right Moves.

CC: Your optimism is a great inspiration for me, Tom. Thanks.

Tom: You're welcome Craig, anytime. I have to get going on my honeymoon now. Katie is calling and unless I want the Days of Thunder to come and end up having the War of the Worlds, I gotta go.

CC: Say hi to Katie for me and next time you're in Minneapolis, stop on by.

Tom: Absolutely buddy!

Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Cruise - Packer Fan. Tune in next week when we'll hear from another famous Packer fan.


russ said...

I'm thinking you might have had a cocktail or two of your own before writing this piece.

Or, maybe watching the Pack have a day like today just does strange things to your mind. Either.

John B. said...

Thankfully, the Packer game wasn't on TV here in N. Indiana...I didn't get to see the ghastly carnage.

Young teams are like that, they need to 'learn how to win' and come prepared to play every time.

SBG said...

I didn't realize that Packer games were being broadcast on Saturn or whatever planet Mr. Cruise is living on these days.