Monday, April 02, 2007

Boys of Summer are back (even if it's April)

Today is Opening Day for baseball and hopefully the start of a fantastic Brewers season. I'm very much looking forward to this season as hopes have never been higher. The Brewers have put together a fantastic pitching staff that if it remains healthy for the season, could be one of the best in the majors. The offense has a lot of potential and this could be the year that the kids start to fully realize their potential.

Being in MN, it's difficult to get to watch Brewers games, but I will still make my obligatory journey to Miller Park this year (Brewers/Twins series). Here's hoping I can somehow get a laptop and wireless internet for MLB.TV.

My prediction for the year:
The Brewers will be in the wildcard race if not the division race. I'm drinking the Blue and Gold Kool-Aid, and it's wonderful.

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Freealonzo said...

91-71, Craig lay off the Gouda!! Brewers will be improved but not crazy-like. I predict 85-77.