Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another Badger win

The Badgers easily handled the Western Illinois Leathernecks 34-10 yesterday. The moniker or Leathernecks is simply moronic. Have some pride West Ill, call yourself the Fighting Insurance Salesmen or something like that. Anyway, back to what matters. The Badgers had another great game from freshman phenom PJ Hill with 101 yds and 3 TD. Some would like to point out how sloppy the Badgers played. While yes there is some room for improvement I view these games as the Badgers pre-season. What matters is getting players the experience and not getting anyone hurt. The Badgers are clearly looking ahead to the Big Ten season opener against Michigan at The Big House.

Let's not forget, the Badgers beat a team they should have and did it easily, even with sloppy play. Western Illinois' only scores came off of stupid Badger mistakes: a fumble on the opening kickoff and a 17 yd INT return for a TD thrown by our BACKUP QB. I'm not too worried as I have tempered expectations for this club. I'll let others get worked up over pre-season. We won and did it convincingly.

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