Saturday, September 30, 2006

On Wisconsin...

What an emphatic win what was for Bucky today. I mean they took Indiana out behind the woodshed, gave them a whipping, restocked the woodshed, then whipped them some more.

How odd is it when a team wins
52-17 and the game was not even as close as the score indicated? Just total domination by the Badgers. Let's look at some numbers:

Stocco 15-17 304 yards 3 TD. That's a QB rating of 158.33, in other words: the highest rating possible.

PJ Hill 23 carries 129 yards 3 TD. He was pulled after 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter.

The Badgers had 539 total yards to Indiana's 264.

The Badgers punted on their first drive. They then scored on 8 of their next 9 possessions and only punted again with 6 minutes left in the game.

At halftime, about half the crowd had left the stadium, embarrassed by their team.
I told you the Badgers were going to win this easily. That is why I am the great Oracle.


John B. said...


Anyone who has seen a minute of IU's football follies could tell you that it would be a blowout. This is one hoirrible football team...that coming from an IU grad!

That being said, Wisconsin looks pretty good, we shall wait and see as the Big Ten season progresses. Nobody at this point impresses me in the Big Ten but OSU and Michigan, with Wisconsin being the 'best of the rest'.

I have to wonder about Penn State, and now I really wonder about Michigan State, who lost to sorry assed Illinois today.

John B. said...

Oh and Iowa along with Wisconsin, we shall see tonight.

Cheesehead Craig said...

Yeah, IU is pretty much a joke, I really didn't go out too much on a limb there.

I am not impressed at all with PSU, their QB stinks and the D hasn't been all that great.

MSU is in shambles.

There is OSU, Michigan and Iowa in the Big Ten. The Badgers I would put as 4th. Very much agree there.

murph said...

Oh great and mighty Oracle, what do you see in your tea leaves for the Pack breaking free of their inverse relationship with the Badgers.

e.g. Badgers win - Pack loses - and vice versa.

Will this be the week?