Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hey, they're 3-0

The Badgers got the job done ugly again this week with a 14-0 win against the San Diego State Aztecs. Not exactly a dominating performance for a team on the cusp of the rankings, but a win is a win. Redshirt Freshman PJ Hill once again has an outstanding game with 26 carries for 184 yds and a TD. WI has used their seemingly never ending magic to create another monster in the backfield. If the WR's could get open and stop dropping passes when they are, this team could do some serious damage.

But that is the weak spot on this team, the passing game. The WR's are too unreliable and there is no TE prescence to bail out Stocco. This is going to be their undoing during the Big Ten season as teams are simply going to load up on the run and simply dare the Badgers to pass.

Their next opponent is Michigan, and given how they whipped #2 Notre Dame like a red-headed stepchild today, this could be seriously ugly for the Badgers next Saturday.

Yep, they are 3-0 right now and that's all well and good, but the real season starts next Saturday and the Badgers are going to get a huge dose of reality. Let's just hope the Wolverines have a let down after their big win so it's not that bad.

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