Friday, December 01, 2006

Hodge Podge

Time to just on some topics that have crossed my mind.

What a mess this defense is. Sanders has not progressed in his prepwork, playcalling or adjustments this season. Here's hoping Bates is around in the offseason and willing to come back to fix this mess. I do not like this matchup against the J-E-T-S jetsjetsjets, no sir I don't. Remember, the J-E-T-S jetsjetsjets beat the same NE team that kicked the holy hell out of us.

Kinda hard to win games when your starting #4 and #3 are out for over a month. Redd has been fantastic and is apparently immune to Stotts' horrendous coaching. Anyone else think Stotts looks like a guy you just would just want to give a wedgie to? No leadership comes forth from this man.

The B-Ball team is looking very good. Some fans got all riled up after the Missouri State game and claiming it was unfathomable for Bucky to lose to them. Get over it, it's college hoops and most teams will lose at least 6-7 games/year and it's not like State was a 1-6 team or something like that. The Badgers are an elite team in the country and will likely be around for the Sweet 16 this spring, barring injuries or the academic issues from last year.

The football team is still awaiting it's opponent for the Capitol One Bowl. My belief is that it will not be Auburn as the COB folks say they do not really want a rematch. On this note, Arkansas is looking like the choice. Although, should ND be shut out of the BCS, the Capitol One folks would love to get them as between thier fans and the Badger fans, the game would be sold out in about 30 minutes after the matchup was announced. As much as I don't care for ND, they have great fans.

Jack Ikegwuonu is a moron! Here is a guy who has loads of talent, is starting on one of the better defenses in the country , reportedly is from a family that is rather well off and he and his twin brother are out stealing a friggin' XBox! Likely he is gone for the Bowl game as Barry will have none of this crap. Plus, it's a XBox! Doesn't he know that the PS3 is a much better system? Sheesh.

Just to continue on the college football kick. I am completely against an OSU/MI rematch for the national title. The game was not as close as the final score indicated. MI scored with 2 minutes left to bring it under 10 points. They were manhandled and had to play a perfect game while OSU played sloppy and being down by double digits for most of the game was their reward. Obviously if USC loses to UCLA, then MI likely will get the nod and that's that. MI would still lose the rematch anyway. OSU is clearly the best team in the country.

I just started a 6v6 football league on Wednesday. It's 2 hand touch above the waist on a 40 yard field with only a half width field. It's not co-ed though, my wife threatened me with severe bodily harm if I joined that one. Too bad, Hooters sponsors a team in that league... mmmmm Hoooooterrrrsss... Anyway, it's the first football I've played since high school and it's amazing how some abilities just never go away. I have no problem catching the ball and playing defense. The route timing and running needs some work, but that will come with more games. We lost our first game 18-26 to our opponents who had just won the fall league 3 weeks ago. It was a good showing and yours truly had 3 catches, one for a TD.

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