Friday, August 19, 2005

The Fab Five

I'll get into the Packers at another time, as I am off again this weekend and back Wednesday next week. This month has been about as goofy as can be for me. So, I'll bust out an edition of the Fab Five for your literary delight. Come Wednesday next week, I'll have sports for you. Promise.

Laboratorio do Luiscaz
This spanish site is about Luis and Lucas, two wild and crazy guys, who are experimenting with trying to make themselves into werewolves. So far, they've got some shag carpeting and a shitload of crazy glue.

Fun Hobby Blog
Ok, this blog is about coin collecting. Or I should say, a site to link you to sites about coin collecting. I can just see the comments now: "Hey Tad, I found a wheat penny! Can you believe it!" "I can't Gerald, I've been trying to find one since stardate 4587.26"

Hey now, this is a site I can get into. A site about disco balls. I think I'll get one for my living room. I'll be the party house of the neighborhood. There will be people doing the hustle all night long. Wait a sec, this site isn't about them, it's just some stupid spanish site. Oh crap.

Crooked Road
Site by a lady who is an artiste and is far more intelligent, interesting and wears more black than anyone. Go ahead and ask her, she'll agree.

Diary of a Nerd
Yep, it's a nerd with a blog, I know it's shocking, but true. This particular nerd is lamenting how annoyed he is with the party going on in his dorm last night and how loud it is. However, 2 drunk girls get into his room, and sufficeth to say, he is no longer a nerd but a man. He is currently working on a new title for his site.

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