Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Last night was event #5 of the Backyard Border Battle between myself and my neighbor, Shane. Stratego was the name of the game, and it ended up in a friggin' tie. Yep, we played for about an hour and ended up tied. The worst part is that I had Shane beat, he had one movable piece left and I had 4. I only had one miner as did he. He made a suicide attack with his miner and managed to take out my last miner. Given his flag was surrounded by mines, I could do nothing but accept a tie. We even played outside, in the dark with a lantern to give it the true backyard feel to it. I was just disgusted at the result and mad at myself in letting it happen. A rematch will happen soon and victory will be mine.

The Frozen Tundra
The former Packer Punchline at the Most Valuable Network has now changed names to The Frozen Tundra and I have posted my latest offering
here. I hope you enjoy it as I do my best to be as honest and fair as I can on that site. The link is also to the right under Packer links.

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