Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Westwood Recap: Stones Edition

Well, the summer league ended on Monday night with a 20-10 Westwood win, thus ending that part of our season 8-4. I was out of town for that game, however, I was able to play in the doubleheader against Harmon Autoglass last night.

The games started out on a Ruby Tuesday in front of 15 fans all in attendance for SS Matt Thomas bobblehead night. His wife, Angie, was the most vocal fan at the game as Wild Horses could not drag her away. I thought for sure this week's bobblehead would be about yours truly, but You Can't Always Get What You Want. As everybody knows, mechanics are a bunch of cheats and Harmon did not disappoint as has been the case with every opponent of the Westwoodies. Every inning they tacked on extra runs to their score (which they did not score) which called for muliptle delays as they would get no Satisfaction with playing by the rules. In fact their claiming of 47 imaginary runs Shattered the previous league record.

The Westwoodies jumped out to an early 6-0 lead in the opening game thanks to a clutch 2 run single by CC that would Start Me Up for what turned out to be a great 2 game series. A highlight reel defensive gem was turned in by CC when tagging out a runner who took too big of a turn around 1st base and was tagged out with the ball Under My Thumb. The player looked at me and I said "Did you think I would Miss You?" The Westwoodies were buoyed by this superhuman feat which caused a rucus by the opposing players yelling profusely. CC simply yelled back "Hey, Get Off My Cloud, it was a good play." The Westwoodies went on to a 12-9 victory, much to the happiness of all the Honky Tonk Women in attendance.

Game two showed that the Westwoodies would Not Fade Away by putting together one of their best defensive efforts of the summer. A 6-4-3 double play was turned at a crucial time that was a sweet as Brown Sugar. That was when Harmons knew It's All Over Now. Westwood cruised to a 10-5 victory and in the Undercover Of The Night, went to the Park Tavern to celebrate a well deserved sweep. CC was heard exclaiming when drinking a beer "She's So Cold, but this tastes great!". Also in attendance was Harmon's, drinking lots of alcohol for their Emotional Rescue.

Thanks for showing up today. I hope that Grog has his road report ready for tomorrow. Until then!

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