Tuesday, September 27, 2005

All Tied Up

I said it 2 months ago that the Brewers would finish above .500 and with a better record than the Twins. Today, both teams are at .500 with 6 games to go. That's right, the "lowly" Brewers are dead even with the 3-time defending AL Central Champion "mighty" Twins. I know, the seasons not over yet, but I'm feeling pretty good about this. Brewer fans gotta love the Capellan-Turnbow combo for next season to close out games.

EDIT: I have my Packer report card over at The Frozen Tundra, feel free to comment there or here on it.


Shane said...

And if a special session isn't called for a new Twins stadium we could be entering another time like the mid 90s for Twins fans. I can see Pohlad just gutting the team.

Looks like your Tundra site is getting some nice traffic. Will there be a time when you abandon the Oracle?

Cheesehead Craig said...

I am not sure on the future of the Oracle. I think that there are going to be some changes to it though, not sure on the full details yet.

I do like the Tundra and will keep doing that as long as they'll let me.