Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Whole lotta info going on

Several items on the plate today so let's dig into the buffet that awaits us.

Happy Anniversary Rachel! Today is my 8th Anniversary to my wonderful wife. She has been an answer to all my prayers and has made me a better man. She is a fantastic mother to my children and I am looking forward to all the adventures that we still have to go in this life together. She has been an inspriation to me and to this day I still have no idea how in the hell I conned her into marrying me. Love you sweetheart!

As you can see, I changed the look of the site a bit, mostly just the colors to Packer colors and moved the pictures around, plus I added the Badgers schedule and I'll have links to all the stats from the games as they happen. I think it looks better, hope you agree.

Backyard Border Battle
Slackjawed Shane and I took a drive down to Bloomington for event #6: Minigolf! We decided that The Links at Dred Scott was a fine place to wage this latest battle. Yes, that is the name of the place and no, I have no idea why they named it that. The squeaky-voiced 16 year old at the booth was no help.

This was another close battle between the 2 of us. Shane streaked to an early 4 stroke lead after 3 holes by using his watch to reflect the sun into my eyes. I came back to lead by 1 after 6 holes with my sweet swing and polarized sunglasses. Coming out of the front 9, I had a 2 stroke lead and Shane was on his wife's cell phone with the pro at the Minneapolis County Club to see what he could do to help him. Shane was able to tie the score up after 13 holes and took the lead by one on 15 when Shane yelled "Is that
Daisy Fuentes over there?" right as I was about to putt. Dirty, but good strategy on his part. However, Shane was no match for me come crunch time. With pinpoint putting I tied the score on 16 then took the lead on 17 by one stroke. Shane started sending smoke signals in the vain hope that help would arrive, but alas, he was mistaken. We tied on 18 and a 4-2 lead in this best of 9 series was granted to myself. A 3 event run has vaulted me into the lead with Chess, Irish Horshoes and Bowling left to play. The sure money is on the Cheesehead, folks as one more win by me and the BBB Cup is mine!

First off, my latest offering is over at
The Frozen Tundra and to give you the summary, I pick the Packers to go 9-7 with an outside shot at 10-6, but just as likely 8-8. If you think this team will do better state your case there or here.

Secondly, if I can get all James Lipton here, I was introduced to the greatest website in the history of the universe this weekend. It is simply
Cheesehead University, the definative source of Cheeseheadness. I encourage everyone who wants to improve the quality of their life, to read this site. I have been asked to be a visiting professor at the CU, so look for my addition to the site shortly in the future.

Dear heavens that was one wild game. I don't expect the Badgers to run that well all season long, but it's good to know that they can whip out the lumber and simply run over people. Granted, the Badgers defense was horrible, but hey, what do you expect with 8 new starters on D? Especially against that offense, I'm surprised the Badgers didn't do worse. Bielema will get that turned around. Only 12 more wins and the Rose Bowl will be Bucky's again!

I said back on July 28 that the Brewers would end up with a better record than the Twins. At that time, the Brewers were 5 games back from the Twins and I got some flak from Twins fans. Right now, they have widdled the lead to 4.5 games. With 24 games to go, it's getting interesting.


Shane said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! 8 years is no small feat. It isn't as impressive as my 11 years of marriage, but it is a nice little starter marriage you got going on and you should be commended.

As far as BBB ... I just wanted to let you know that I don't like you much anymore. Thought you should know...

Cheesehead Craig said...

Such animosity is unbecoming of a person of your stature Shane. I am disappointed that there was no mention of the high-quality Daisy Fuentes picture nor of the redesigned site. For shame...