Thursday, September 01, 2005

Backyard Border Battle: 80's One Hit Wonder Edition

Believe It Or Not, last night Shane and I had the rematch of event #5, Stratego, you know the game that states It Takes Two to play. Given how Hot, Hot, Hot I was in the first game, I just knew that I had to Relax and I would win. Shane was talking trash so I told him "Bring your weak-ass game and I'll Whip It!" When setting up my pieces I could feel that Somebody's Watching Me. I turned and looked and it was my son who started reaching for pieces and I told him "Keep Your Hands To Yourself!" The game was a see-saw affair that suddenly turned to my favor as Shane exclaimed "Major Tom, we have a problem" when he saw he was going to lose. Shane actually conceded when he realized he was not going to win, thus giving him Shattered Dreams of winning the Border Battle, even though winning was just a Fantasy anyway. I told Shane, Don't Worry Be Happy and I proceeded to Bust A Move with the Curly Shuffle. Don't worry, I followed the Politics Of Dancing. After the game, Shane admitted that I had actually won the first game by eliminating all of his movable pieces, thus proving that I can beat Shane Nite And Day. I am now up 3-2 in the Battle with mini-golf the next event. A 4-2 lead is all but assured for me and a runaway romp in the Battle.

Brew Crew
How sweet was it that the future of the Brewers infield for many years came through with 3 2 run HRs yesterday in a 6-5 win! Weeks, Hardy and Fielder all came through big for the Crew. Fielder's was a monstrous 400 ft + shot to right center for the win. I could get used to games like this.

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John B. said...

For a variation on your favorite board game, play Stratego 'backwards'....the #1 pieces are worth the least, the #9's worth the most...our boys play it that way on occasion, it is a riot (although a bit confusing).