Friday, July 28, 2006

The picks are rolling in

No, this is not a shot at Favre's performance on the field, it's that the Packers signed 3 players in the last 2 days: Colledge, Spitz and Martin. This puts our projected starting OGs (College and Spitz) in camp on time, which is huge. I mean like Grady Jackson's ass huge. Or even Gilbert Brown's ass huge. Or maybe I'll stop the references to large black men's asses. It's great these guys are going to be around the whole camp and not do some stupid holdout. The running game is going to be improved this year just by these 2 guys alone and them being in camp on time ensures that. Oh yeah, and Martin is in camp and now we have a #3 QB. Whee!

All that is left to sign is AJ Hawk and Abdul Hodge. Both of these guys showed incredible instincts and grasped the defensive scheme quickly in mini-camps, so if they miss a few days, it's not a major deal. Now this morning, is reporting Hawk's deal should be done tonight! If both are signed this week, it will be huge. Like Rueben Studdard's ass huge. Or even... nevermind, I'll stop that now. Needless to say, things are looking great for the Packers to have a good training camp.

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