Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Vote for Bucky!

The Mascot Hall of Fame is currently voting on the 2006 inductees to the Mascot Hall of Fame. Bucky would be the 1st mascot voted in from the college ranks. Click on the title of the post to get to the site and vote for Bucky! While the fan voting is not the biggest factor, it is part of the process and if Bucky should win by a landslide, it would only make the committees selection of him for the Hall that much easier. After all, there is no more beloved college mascot than Bucky Badger.

So get over there Cheeseheads and let's make this happen!

On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin Grand 'ol Badger state!


Russ said...

Just voted, and I see Bucky is way, way in the lead!

Cheesehead Craig said...

Of course he is! He is the great Bucky Badger!

BratsNBeerGuy said...

Vote early, vote often. Bucky leads with 405,000 votes! Thanks for the post, Craig.