Monday, October 02, 2006

Packers Magic 8 Ball

There was a comment posted by the one known as Murph (who apparently had his birthday this weekend) that bears repeating:

"Oh great and mighty Oracle, what do you see in your tea leaves for the Pack breaking free of their inverse relationship with the Badgers.

e.g. Badgers win - Pack loses - and vice versa.

Will this be the week? "

I had commented about this odd relationship
last year as it happened for 8 straight weeks I believe. This year, it is back in effect as the lone Badger loss occured the same weekend as the lone Packer win. This Murph brings up a valid concern, however I do not use something as crude as tea leaves to decipher the future. I am the great Oracle and have far greater powers than that.

Let's see, where's that Magic 8 Ball? (rustle rustle) ...Hustler magazine... complete collection of 1985 NFL season cards... dress shirt I never wear... Aha! found it.

Oh great Magic 8 Ball... Tell us if this curse between the Badgers and Packers shall be broken tonight... (shake shake shake)
Not a chance. You do realize the Pack are playing the Eagles @ Philly right? Come on, Westbrook and McNabb are going to destroy them.

Will Brett Favre have a good game? (shake shake shake)
Outlook hazy. Given the Packers cannot run the ball with any consisitency, and the Packers D is about as stout as a wet paper bag, Favre is going to have to throw a lot. Expect about 40-45 attempts tonight. He'll put up yardage, but there is a good chance he could force the issue and revert to the 4 INT night.

Will Cheesehead Craig have a better time at his friend's house where he will see the game on a 52" HDTV with beer and tons of snacks with 8 other Packers fans than anyone else reading this blog? (shake shake shake)
Oh hell yes!

In case you are wondering, my Magic 8 Ball gives me much more complete answers than the cheap ones you get at the store. I am after all, the great Oracle! Oh, and Happy Birthday Murph!


murph said...

Thanks - what was funny was I thought I was older. E had to remind me that I wasn't 36 yet.
(early onset senility...)

Okay, I admit - it was a silly question to ask. Frankly - I'd forgotten who they were playing until after I posted.

Vs. Philly on the road. HA! Yeah, better luck next millenium.

But I have to say, it'd be funny as hell if the Eagles were to choke. I can thing of a certain loser pool that would lose forty two people in one week.

(And karma-wise, every time THIS fan picked a Pack game for my loser of the week, I got torched. So - I'm hopeful that that particular jinx will continue..)

Cheesehead Craig said...

You gave me a reason to do my Magic 8 Ball post. I usually have several ideas in my head for these games. Just waiting for the right catalyst to figure out which one to use and you provided it.

I would LOVE a huge Packer upset tonight. That would make them the same record as the Vikes and oooooo would that be some sweet smack talk for a while.