Thursday, July 27, 2006

A New Racing Sausage!

The Brewers unveiled the newest member of the Racing Sausages today, Chorizo! Rumor is that he will be making his first racing appearance this weekend during the Brewers/Cincy series. Given how the Brewers have been doing lately, this would be the only reason people would be coming to the park. I called Miller Park to get an interview with the newest sausage and I was told to stop calling, well the actual term was "cease and desist", (like I'm scared of some legal mumbo jumbo) and if I didn't, a large man would come and "introduce himself" to me. Boy, I hope it's Carlos Lee!

Oh, and the photo is from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Anonymous said...

Is'nt that cute. Another sausage geek. How about the Brewers doing something totally outside the box.

Like putting a quality product on the field.

Cheesehead Craig said...

Yeah, when things went bad for the Crew, they went bad this year.

Sam said...

Follow me here:

-Sausage gets hit by Randall Simon

-He gives free sausages out as an apology

-Brewers add Mexican sausage

-Mexicans invented Pinatas

This must be an open invitation to all players and fans that sausage-beating is okay.

Bring your bats AND your gloves to the games from now on, beat on the Mexican (who doesn't love to do that anyway?), and get free sausages!

5-Point Bucks

Cheesehead Craig said...

Sam, it's been a long offseason for the Bucks for you already hasn't it? LOL!