Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Don't forget the Bucks!

I have been so wrapped up in the Packers and Badgers that I forgot about our Milwaukee Bucks. Shame on me. The Bucks have had some injuries already, but this is a deep team and luckily the injuries happened early enough in the pre-season that Bogut and Simmons won't miss much playing time.

The injury to Bogut is unfortunate, but given that just means that Gadz gets more time, it's not so bad. Gadz is one of the fan favorites and deservedly so as he simply hustles his tail off. Which is a good thing as a tail could be a detriment on the floor. Certainly I'd rather have Bogut on the floor, but Gadz is not a bad fallback position as the team can function just fine while giving Bogut plenty of time to heal.

Anywho, for the naysayers who jeered when Patterson was brought in, the injury to Simmons shows why he was signed. Not only will Patterson fill in nicely while Simmons is out, but he could push Simmons for the starting spot. We saw last year how Simmons seemed to be mailing it in and just didn't live up to the hype and contract. Patterson should help Simmons realize that he needs to step his game up.

Looks to be a great season brewing up for the Bucks. Playoffs seem a certainty as does a winning record. I'm going with a 46-36 record for them this year.


Jeramey said...

A winning record? Potentially not, the team still has a lot of hurdles to overcome. They play in the best division in the league too, that's going to add more tough games to their schedule.

I would be happy with a .500 record.

Simmons was hurt for quite a bit of last year (as he is now), let's hope he is healthy sometime soon and can finally showcase what he has to offer.

Cheesehead Craig said...

I'm an optimist when it comes to the Bucks. There are too many signs that the team will do well. Getting Patterson for peanuts, getting a steal of a trade in Villanueva, and of course, the new unis. The signs are all there for a better than expected season.

The team is better in too many areas for them not to at least break .500, and a 46-36 record is only 4 games above that.