Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Free at last... Free at last...

In a move that was a long time coming, the Packers finally released Ahmad Carroll after another hugely disappointing game. He's been nothing but consistently bad for the last 3 years and as much as I have defended him last season, I'm glad he's gone. Some other team will pick him up and he may have a good career there, but he's worn out his tired act here. He has talent, but his resistence to coaching and poor mechanics were his downfall.

Now if Thompson will have the balls to throw DB coach Shitenheimer to the curb, our secondary will have a chance to get better. Let's see: In 2004, the secondary was horrible and he was fired. In 2005, the secondary was remarkably improved with the same players. In 2006, he's brought back in and now they suck again. How in the world can Thompson or McCarthy not see this man is a horrible DB coach? Everywhere he has gone, players perform poorly and they say that he simply seems as though he doesn't care, he's too laid back, too hands off. When the DB's have to wear wristbands to simplify the defense so that they are in the right coverage, then that's a sign of a poor coach who's too f'ing lazy to teach. The guy essentially has a famous brother who is a darn good coach and has been living off his accomplishments and name.

When the fans and other players can see how bad he is, the biggest question is, why can't the Packers?

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