Saturday, October 14, 2006

That was an Axe whipping!

In front of 82,010 fans, the Badgers absolutely bitch-slapped the Goophs 48-12 to keep Paul Bunyan's Axe and win Homecoming. Redshirt Freshman phenom PJ Hill gets 164 yds and 2 TD, while getting the 4th Q off. John Stocco has yet another fantastic game going 12-19 193 yds and 4 TDs.

The Goophs (they are still a D-I team right?) were pathetic in every aspect of this game, even the radio announcers were terrible. I live in MN, and had to listen to the game on the radio here. The announcers actually said just after the Badgers scored to make it 35-3, "The Gophers need to do something before this game gets out of hand." What? I started laughing my ass off at this comment. The game was already out of hand at that time, hell, it was out of hand for the Goophs when they arrived at the stadium.

I stated 3 weeks ago that this stretch of games against Indiana, Northwestern and Minnesota were easy wins for the Badgers and they were as they outscored their opponents 141-38. Next game is at Purdue, which is going to be a tough one as they can score. I originally had that as one that could go either way, but man the Badgers have been impressive.

Very impressive win today as the Badgers flat out dominated yet again. I'm going to play my WI marching band CD tonight and have a couple in celebration.

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Freealonzo said...

Um... did you see that blocked extra point for a safety? That was something.