Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mailbag... MAAAAILBAAAG!!!

Today the Oracle shall answer a question from a loyal reader:

"O Great Oracle: Let me begin this humble request for information by noting that it was my pleasure to see Mrs. Oracle for a brief time when I was visiting the home of your esteemed neighbor last week. Unfortunately, you were not at home. Let me also apologize for defeating you in Fantasy Football, although please note that I really needed a win!

My question regards Brett Favre and the near-constant speculation regarding his future. I note that he needs only 16 touchdowns to pass Dan Marino on the all-time list. Do you think this record means anything to him? If so, do you think he would come back next year to break the record, assuming that he does not do so this year? Perhaps you feel that the record has no impact on his decision whether or not to play after this year. I would be most interested in hearing of your views in regards to these questions.

Thanks much and take care.

Curt in Grand Forks"

Well Curt in Grand Forks, you do raise some interesting points.

First, let me say that my wife was pleased to see you as well. I am saddened to have missed being in your prescence, but it could not be avoided as the great Seer of Bratwurst was in need of assistance.

Second, you are welcome with the fantasy football win. I saw that that would be a good time for you to enjoy some modicum of football success and granted it to you.

Third, on to Brett Farve. This year there is definately a different Brett Favre than we have seen in years past. For the last 4-5 years, he has been a far more stoic Brett, content to keep what he feels on the inside. He was simply existing on the football field and going through the motions of playing it seemed. This year, he is noticably more excited and frankly looks as if he's having fun. I know this is a cliche in regards to him however, hear me out. He is showing far more on-field leadership and encouragement to his teammates than he has in years past as well. His running up to Driver and carrying him around last week was testiment to that. He has particularly been very encouraging to the rookie OL in front of him during games. He knows how far his encouragement can take a player and has dished it out quite effectively this season as the OL has responded with better and better play as the season has gone along.

Perhaps he feels that this is his final goodbye and is wanting to do the most with it, or maybe he has rediscovered an old fire. I believe it is the first part, and he wants to go out fighting. He has always said that the TD record is not what he is going for, but I think he really wants it, but is giving it this year as his last chance. I did say after last season that he would not come back and I was wrong. However, not even the great Oracle can see into the havoc that Phil Simms can bring, as nobody can understand his logic.

So gentle Curt, regardless if Favre breaks the TD record or not, I do not see him returning. I appreciate your inquiry and may you have safe journeys in life.

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Curt said...

Thanks for the knowledge, Oracle. Even with as much anguish as Farve has given me over the years, I can't imagine the Pack without him. What I am not looking forward to, however, is the endless off-season speculation on ESPN about whether or not he is coming back. Hopefully, he is up front one way or the other, but since he has never done it this way, I can't imagine that he would start now. Thanks again and take care.

Curt in Grand Forks