Friday, December 02, 2005

Bear week

It's Bear week and frankly, I hate the Bears. I hate just about everything about them, their stupid stadium, their smelly fans, don't even get me started about the whole "Super Bowl Shuffle" thing. Even though I live in MN around Viking fans (speaking of smelly), I still hate the Bears far more than the Vikings. Having been born and raised in SE WI, I got more than my fair share of exposure to these vile creatures. They have no respect of what is good in this world. For proof of this, just look at how they treated Payton during their SB win. I want the Packers to not just beat the Bears, but to obliterate them. So there you have my rant about the Bears, and yes, I have issues on this subject. For more Bear/Packer stuff, head on over to The Frozen Tundra for the latest preview with a blogger from the Bears.

In an article over at the Journal Sentinel, it is noted that
the Packers have a hard time covering tight ends. Not that this is a big surprise as the LB are not very good in pass coverage and Roman is terrible as well. As much as I would like the Packers to land Reggie Bush in the draft, AJ Hawk is looking like a better and better choice for this team.


John B. said...

N. Indiana is Bear fan country through and through...I work with 'em, live with 'em next door, and they are coming out of the woodwork this year. Guys who never spoke of the Bears the last few years are all of a sudden 'die hard' Bear fans.

The great thing about Packer fans is that most of them are loyal through thick and thin...few if any bandwagon Packer fans exist.

I was with them through the 70's, Brockington, McCarren, Wright, Whitehurst, you name 'em, I rooted for 'em. 2-14? NO problem. I was the only kid in the neighborhood collecting Packer football cards.

Once a fan, always a fan. The Bears bring out the best in Favre, maybe we can at least be spoilers tot he Bears this year and win twice...we'll probably spoil ourselves out of a top two or three draft pick at the same time.

John said...

I was born in Chicago through no fault of my own and we moved to Wis. when I was very young. I saw the light by the grace of God and have been a Packers fan ever since. I grew up during the Favre era, and unlike many, have never known a bad Packers team untill this year. Some average ones, but never a really bad one. Yet somehow despite the constant heartache and pain that this season has produced, I am just as proud to be a Packers fan now as I was during the 90's. Come hell or high water I am a Cheesehead. And as crazy as this may sound, I would rather be 2-9 Packer backer than an 8-3 Bears fan any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

AMEN Brother John!! I have deep seated problems with professional sports overall, and football in particular, but I am touched by the devotion of Packer fans and proud to count myself among them. I started out a bandwagoner in '96 and now I'm rooting for a great draft pick. Whatever happens, I love Green Bay, and look forward to telling my grandkids that I saw Brett Farve play in his prime because that much talent and heart are priceless.
Cheesehead's wife
(yeah, it helps my loyalty to be sleeping with the king Cheddarnoggin)

Anonymous said...

By a Bears Fan- from the big smelly place south of SE WI-

I can't blame you Packer Fans, after all, we true Bears Fans ( I've been through 100 QB's and how many horrible seasons )since Favre started for the Green and Gold. We have 6 professional teams here, Green Bay, how many?.1???. Please excuse the smelly fans ( they're probably fair weather but foul smelling... Of course everyone talks about Papa Bears club, when they win once every 20 years , it a suprise.