Friday, December 16, 2005

Last day of sports for a week

The Journal Sentinel reports that the Packers are working on a multi-year deal with Aaron Kampman. He has definately had his best season and is worthy of a big contract. He is not overpowering, but he is quick, has great instincts and works his ass off. The article goes on to say that the rest of the DL have labeled him the most consistent lineman, which is outstanding. He has stepped up his pass rushing ability and should continue his improvement next season.

The Badgers won last night in a close one to UW-Milwaukee
74-68 to improve to 9-1 for the season. The Badgers are currently ranked #24 in the coaches poll, and are knocking on the door in the AP poll. For a team that wasn't expected to do much, they are certainly making some noise early in the season. The real fun is going to start at the beginning of the year when the Big 10 season starts. They will have #22 Iowa and #12 Mich St at home then on the road at MN, which is a tough way to start the Big 10 season, but these guys are looking to be up to the task.

In response to my title of this post, next week there will be no sports on this site. I am going to have a little something different for next week that I've been working on that I hope you all will like. I'll leave you with that teaser over the weekend. Come back Monday and see what's in store.

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