Friday, January 27, 2006

Day off

I get to be stay-at-home dad today while my incredibly talented and wonderful wife is out of town today and tomorrow judging a high school speech competition. I made the kids breakfast and got the boy off to school on time (see, men are not incompetent unlike the image that is painted by the female-controlled media). Looking forward to spending a good day with my daughter. Tonight, it's take and bake pizza time!

Badger Time!
Well, the Badgers kicked the snot out of Penn State the other night without Landry and Stiemsma who are now academically ineligible for the rest of the season. This now makes for 3 players this year that have this issue. Ryan had better start paying a bit more attention to these kids and their academics. This is concerning to say the least. His new AD in Alvarez is not going to take too kindly to any continuing issues on the academic front. Bo is an excellent coach and this is probably just a one-season issue, but this still bears watching.

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