Monday, January 09, 2006

The Good, the Bad and the Stupid

The #24 Badgers kicked the snot out of the #7 Michigan State Spartans 82-63 at the Kohl Center in a nationally televised game. Kammron Taylor led the charge with a dominating 27 point performance. The Badgers received continuous praise from the CBS announcers for their outstanding overall team play and great coaching. The Badgers are now 67-3 at home under Bo Ryan. That's a 95.7% winning percentage, and that's domination. Bo has definately taken this program to new heights during his reign.

The Bucks lost their 3rd straight game this weekend. Their poor shooting is coming back to bite them big time. Over this 3 game losing streak, they shot 41.1%, which is incredibly poor. They also were outrebounded as well in each of the losses, which is disturbing, given this was a strength all season so far. TJ Ford came back and had a decent game against Cleveland on Saturday night, but he was not able to turn the losing tide the Bucks are in. They are now at a 17-14 record and the #6 team in the East, but maybe I have been expecting too much from this team. This is a trend that is concerning. They have a huge 4 game stretch coming up of home games against MN and Denver and road games at Charlotte and Indiana. They have to, and can go 3-1 against these teams.

Not a picture big enough for this one, but it's the MN TV media. I have seen the sports anchors on the local news (and the news anchors as well), crowing about how the Vikes "stole" Childress from the Packers and how they stuck it to the Cheeseheads. NEWSFLASH: You didn't steal jack-shit. Thompson had 8 interviews lined up and would have gone through them all prior to hiring any coach. He's methodical, that's the way he is. He wasn't just going hire Childress right after he got off the plane like the Vikes did. I get a kick out of these TV people acting all smug and superior and define their worth from what they perceive they do to the Cheeseheads.

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