Friday, January 20, 2006

The Fab Five

It's that time again when I hit the "Next Blog" button in the upper right and comment on the 5 randomly selected blogs and have some fun with them. The nominees are...

Asi como me ves me tienes
It's Sergio's blog! You all remember that Smirnoff Ice commercial where the 2 guys claim they know Sergio and fly and party all around the world? Well, here's his blog. Nah! Had you going though didn't I?

Moda Brasil Hexacampeano
A store to buy Brazilian-flag themed items like headscarfs, dolls, money bags, etc. I did not see any Brazilian women wearing those tennie-tiny Brazilian flag thong bikinis. Damn.

A Flower Called Nowhere
OK, this blog is pretty fucked up. A guy who is a US citizen and lives in Amsterdam and wants to marry an Amsterdam citizen so that he can then become a citizen there. Let's see his qualifications: blew all his money (including his 401k from the states) on drugs and was going to kill himself as part of a planned suicide. Gee, and nobody has taken him up yet? Go figure.

Christmas Tree Poems
This blog is nothing like the title. Here is a quote from the blog: "is & not stack I of so people remember 6:44 a 20% in christmas in prison can Chan, signed I You be a because Plays The get CHRISTMAS IN PRISON Shaolin folds are Office the least out Wet" What in the blue hell is this all about? Thank goodness crap like this is out there.

Mr. Winkie
This gay guy (not that there's anything wrong with that) has a blog where he posts pictures of women's feet to satisfy his fetish. Also dreams of sex with Michael Clark Duncan (the big prisoner from Green Mile), and also with his boss (not at the same time mind you). Hey, he's Canadian after all, so it's ok.

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