Tuesday, January 03, 2006

How Sweet it is!

The Badgers roll all over the #7 Auburn Tigers in the Capital One Bowl 24-10 in an absolute ass-whuppin'. This game frankly is on par with the Rose Bowl wins. Auburn was 10 1/2 point favorites and nobody expected this to happen. The Badgers did their best to "win one for the Barry".

The offense put up 548 yards against one of the better defensive squads in the country and the much-maligned Badger defense (that the announcers loved to point out was #100 in the country) just stuffed the vaulted Tigers offense time and time again and only allowed 236 yards of total offense for the game. Shit, Calhoun almost had more offense just by himself with his 213 yds rushing than the whole Tigers team. The defense was swarming all day. I found myself jumping around and cheering during the game like I was back in college.

Brian Calhoun, Brandon Williams (173 yds recieving) and John Stocco (301 yds passing, 135.6 QB rating) had phenominal games all. I was most impressed with Stocco. His 3rd and 7 completion to Brandon Williams for 35 yards while having 2 Tiger defenders tackling him as he threw the ball was quite possibly the best play I've seen all year. He was calm and focused the entire game.

Words cannot express how happy I was during this game, as this may game may go down as Barry's greatest achievement. Barry became the coach during my 2nd year at Madison and I saw first-hand what he did for the school and the athletic program. He brought back pride. Barry is now in the rarified air that used to be reserved for Lombardi, Starr, Taylor, Hudson and now Favre. He is a larger than life legend in the state of WI. The fact that he is will continue to be in charge of the entire Badger athletic program is simply heart-warming.


Stephen said...

That final drive, starting inside the Wisconsin 1 and ending at the Auburn 1, was a fitting conclusion to the Alvarez era.

SBG said...

A tip of the cap to the Badgers.

Cheesehead Craig said...

Well said Stephen, I would also add that the kneeling down to end the game was a classy end for a classy coach.

Thanks SBG! Sorry the Goophs kept Mason.

Shane said...

Cheesehead, I seem to remember Barry going for that touchdown before he knelt down. I think he came to his senses when he noticed there was only about 40 seconds left in the game.

Thanks for the pizza rolls! They were delicious.

Did you put Serenity in the mail? What did you think of it?

Cheesehead Craig said...

Pizza Rolls make everything more fun.

Serenity was a good movie, I enjoyed it. It's all taken care of.