Monday, February 06, 2006

The 2006 Backyard Border Battle has begun!

Yes indeed all, the now famous BBB between myself and my neighbor and good friend Shane has kicked off the 2006 season with the first event being completed this weekend. To catch the new readers up, last year's Battle was won by yours truly 4-3 over Shane. This year we have added new events to the Battle and the first event was one of the new ones, air hockey.

Shane and I went to Gameworks downtown for this installment of the Battle. First we had an outstanding dinner at the Loon Cafe, which has excellent chili I'd like to point out. Then it was on to the battleground. Now, this air hockey table was not your typical table, oh no, this table had the added feature of 3 PUCK PLAY! That's right, about 1/3 of the way through, 3 pucks would come out, and then for the last minute or so of the game (they were all timed) there would always be 3 pucks out on the surface until time ran out.

This was a best of 3 series as the place was quite packed. The first game saw me jump out to an early lead and I dominated the rest of the game which ended with a 15-8 victory. Shane had difficulty with the 3 puck play and was overwhelmed by my offensive onslaught. Score CC up 1-0.

Game two was a very tightly contested affair as the lead changed back and forth throughout the contest. The time had run out with 1 puck left on the surface and Shane up 11-10 as he went defensive this game to counter the 3 pucks, so I needed to make the last puck for the tie, which I easily did. Score after 2 games 1-0-1.

We took a break as there were people waiting to use the table and went off and played some of the other games, then after about an hour we came back to finish the event.

Game 3 was another close one with a game malfunction during play. After I scored a goal to tie it at 5, the game did not register it and did not kick out a new puck. So Shane and I bumped the machine as best we could while watching the time continue to run. We had to wait for the final minute where 3 pucks would come out. Feeling a bit of pressure given that Shane obviously rigged the machine to not count all of my goals, I was pushing the offense hard. Game 3 ended in an 11-10 victory for Shane as he luckily sank the final puck to tie it all up at 1-1-1.

The final game saw a flurry of action which drew the attention of quite a few of the younger patrons away from their games to watch the showdown. The crowd was clearly on my side as my superior abilities on the table quickly became obvious. The game was broadcast on all of the TV's in the place for all to enjoy. Chants of "Cheesehead! Cheesehead!" filled Gameworks as Shane was sweating with nervousness. The game was another see-saw battle with again the score tied at 15-15 with one puck left. Pointing at the goal in a called shot like Babe Ruth in the 1932 World Series, the crowd went wild. One quick, cold strike of the puck, and the game was over. 16-15 was the final score with Cheesehead Craig the victor. The crowd jumped up and down and cheered like the city of Pittsburgh after the SuperBowl. To show my appreciaton for their support, I gave some of the kids my Gameworks card so that they could enjoy playing a couple of games of air hockey as well. Shane was kind enough to stay a bit longer after the game so that I could sign autographs and have pictures taken with the fans.

This year's BBB has started off well again for me and it looks to be another exciting season of silly and borderline simplistic events. But fear not my loyal readers, I shall once again emerge victorious and the cup (which we still have to get) will once again be mine.


Shane said...

Sadly, this is exactly how it happened (yeah right). Another year, more lies from Cheesehead.

The only truth to this is that CC did in fact win. Another year, another inauspicious beginning in the old Border Battle for Shane.

Cheesehead Craig said...

Lies? Lies you say? Sounds more like sour grapes to me.

Do I go on your site and claim your "voters stadium guide" is a bunch of made-up hooey? Indeed not, for I am a man of honor and integrity.

Disappointing Shane, disappointing.