Sunday, February 05, 2006

Warning: Lots of f*cking explatives ahead

If you are easily offended, do me a favor and skip this post.

Why does the Badger men's basketball team hate me so much? How can this team, which started with so much promise, end up fucking losing to the worst damn team in the Big Ten, Purdue 70-62? This is some of the shittiest basketball I have ever seen come out of Madison with them losing 5 of their last 6.

There's no fucking defense on this team, especially in the interior with Brian "not quite so" Butch. The Badgers have given up 46.8% shooting from the field, as teams are scoring on them more often than a hooker at Mardi Gras; plus they are being out-fucking-rebounded by over 5 boards/game. This team used to be built on defense and interior play, now we are just a bunch of pansy-ass outside shooters and the team has lost it's toughness, and needs to grow a pair in fucking hurry. This is not what WI basketball is Bo, not by a mother-fucking longshot.

Instead of building a team this year, Bo just went and relied upon Alando "shoot until my arms fucking fall off" Tucker to lead the team in scoring and hoped that the rest of the team would score enough to win. I'm predicting right now that this sorry-ass bunch of dipshits will not make the NCAA tourney. They will lose 5 of their next 7 games of the season and lose in the first round in the Big Ten tourney to finish the season 17-13 with no prayer of bid, not when you finish the season on a horseshit 3-11 run. No fucking way.

There, my rant is done and I apologize for the language. I just had to get it out of my system.

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