Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bucks - (Redd + Mo) = No win

It's simple math people, you take out the top 2 scorers, which is 40 pts/game for the Bucks, play against Yao Ming and T-Mac on the road and they will lose. Not real surprised at this result. However, I am a bit disappointed in Bogut in this one as he had a horrible game. 0-4 from the field in 26 minutes? Sheesh, thanks for showing up. Simmons was phenominal with 26 points and shot the hell out of the ball. Ford needs to remember that he is supposed to try and pass the ball a bit more. His 4-20 shooting just killed any chance the Bucks had of winning this game. Welsch had a nice night with 17 points showing he has the potential to be a big contributor off the bench. Magloire posted 13 pts and 15 rbs, but the Bucks got blown out once again on the boards, this time 48-38. What was once a strength of the Bucks has slowly slipped away, thus the disappointing losses. They have to get back to being a consistent rebounding team to get back to winning more.

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