Monday, February 27, 2006

Big ol' post

I haven't posted in quite some time as I have been out on a business trip, then home taking care of a sick wife and a 2.9 year old, so my computer time has been limited as of late. Well, let's do some recap:

The Trip
I had to go to the world-famous exotic city of Detroit for work on Tuesday and Wednesday. The flight there I was able to procure exit row seats as this is a must for 6'4" studs, such as myself. Lately when I have flown, I have had some wierd/funny stuff happen, like the time I almost joined the mile-high club with a Peruvian grandmother (inadvertantly of course), but that's a story for another time.

While we were waiting to take off, I noticed that there was a mechanic on the wing of the aircraft walking around. Not having seen this before, I felt it was necessary to know what he was doing. Turns out he was taping the plane. That's right, he was taping the plane. After about 5 minutes or so of this guy doing his best McGyver impression, the captain walks out of the cockpit and comes to the intercom system closeby to our seats and says:

"Ladies and gentlemen, those of you on the left hand side of the plane have noticed one of our mechanics on the wing taping the plane. That's not just ordinary tape he's using, that's heavy-duty tape. He is taping up a part of the wing to keep the moisture out, (pause) and to hold the wing on. Enjoy your flight."

At the very end, he was chuckling and had a huge grin on his face. I had to laugh as well as it truly was one of those great moments in airline travel. Needless to say, the wing stayed on for the duration of the flight.

On the way back to the airport in Detroit, the cabbie made a valiant attempt to convert me to Islam over the course of the 20 minute ride. Whenever I attempted to correct him on his Bible knowledge or disagree with him on a point, I was met with a resounding "Hallalalalalalaaaa" until I shut up and he would then resume talking. Have to admit, that was the most enjoyable cab ride I ever had.

The Badgers
Jekyll and Hyde continue to reign for this team. Beating OSU, then losing to NW? Then barely beating the Goophs at home? This team really does play to the level of it's competition. I feel that although the games will be close, they will lose their last 2 games to MSU and Iowa (both ranked teams) as they are both on the road, and this team really hasn't had a monster road win all season.

The Bucks
Crappy, crummy, piss-poor play by almost everyone on the team. Of course, if you listen to most people, it's solely TJ Ford's fault they are losing. They want to blame him for everything from the crappy lease Kohl is in at the Bradley Center to the hanging chads in FL during the last presidential election. I'm going to take one of the minority positions on this and defend Ford. The kid hustles his ass off, and given he's only got 2.5 seasons under his belt at this point and had a 1.5 year break separating those 2.5 years in half, let's not all rush to bury him. I fully admit that he's got to have better shot selection and average better than 6.4 assists/game, but this whole team is new to each other, and nobody expected them to win the title. He's learning and the team will be better because of him.


Shane said...

That cab drive sounds absolutely hilarious! What is the story with that? Are you praying to Allah five times a day now?

Cheesehead Craig said...

Not a convert.

His argument consisted of a lot of true/false statements that were absolute, like:

God created Adam with no human father or mother, true or false? True

God created Jesus with no human father, true or false? True

Exactly, therefore there is no Holy Trinity, only God since Jesus and Adam are the same. Well, you're missing...


It kinda went like that.