Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mr. Crankbutt: Boo Hoo Kwan

The cranky one returns after a long hiatus to chime in about Michelle Kwan and the Olympics:

Thanks Cheesewad,
I am sick of hearing about the so-called "America's golden girl" Michelle Kwan. She hasn't won Olympic gold due to her choking time and time again and we're supposed to feel sorry for her. She whines her way onto the Olympic team and gets special treatment to get on it, because she was hurt when the qualifying happened. Now we hear that
she is still hurt and is likely not able to skate. The USOC are morons for even getting involved in this stupid drama. By all rights Emily Hughes should be on the team, she did everything she was supposed to and earned her way on. Kwan cried like a 3 year old and got on.

Kwan is quoted as saying: "It's a sport," she said. "It's not life and death." Oh really, then why was it so damn important that you cry your way onto the team? Why did you need a special meeting in order to show you should be on the team? Could it be that you are just an attention hog that cannot stand not being in the limelight? Does this sound like someone who wants to become a gold medal champion? You have had 2 other opportunites to get the gold and failed, time to move on and let others have the opportunites you did. Oh, and the moronic argument that is brought up comparing her situation to Nancy Kerrigan's is so off base it's ridiculous.

Needless to say, I'm going to be all "unpatriotic" and not root for Kwan should she be allowed to skate, after all, she doesn't deserve to be there.

Update Sunday Feb 12th: Kwan has pulled out of the games. Guess the drama was too much even for her.

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