Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ying and Yang

Sometimes one notices that a "power" couple that when together do well, but then when apart their individual fortunes change or vice versa. For example: Sonny and Cher, the easiest comparison. Together they had one of the more popular variety hours with Sonny's self-depreciating humor and Cher's tough-girl persona. They were on top back in the day. Then they split up and Cher has gone on to be an international superstar. She commands an incredible amount of respect in the music and entertainment industry, not to mention David Letterman's fury. Sonny on the other hand, in comparison was a total flop. Yes, he was by all accounts a fine public official, but compared to what Cher turned herself into and accomplished, he fell quite a bit short (yes, that is also a dig on his height).

Another example is Andre Agassi and Brooke Shields. Pre-Brooke, Agassi was "the man" of tennis. Winning Wimbletons and other grand slam events, getting huge promos thanks to his "rebel" image of Daisy Duke cutoff shorts fashion statements and was overall the face of tennis. Then he marries Brooke and his career takes a complete nosedive. He's injured, he is getting beat by nobodys in early rounds and tumbles embarassingly quickly on the tennis rankings. Meanwhile Brooke's career takes off with "Suddenly Susan" and comes back into the limelight. They divorce and Andre's career once again takes off and Brooke's crashes back to where it was pre-Agassi.

I bring this up as this season has shown that the Badgers and the Packers cannot win on the same weekend. Apparently their fates are intertwined this season and it's time for WI sports fans to recognize this. Look at their records and games this year, the lone Packer win came on the weekend of the lone Badger loss. It's an interesting phonemenon that doesn't happen often in life, let alone major sports.

It leads a fan to look at what is happening and decide which way he wants this trend to end up. Does one root for the Badgers at the expense of condemning the Packers in possibly Brett Favre's final season to an embarrassing end, or does one sacrifice the man who single-handedly resurrected the Badger football (and athletics) program in his final season as coach?

To me, it is truly a difficult dilemma, as I love both programs deeply. At this point the Packers season is beyond saving and let's have Barry go out with a bang. In the words of the renowned philosopher and huge Badger fan Rene Decartes: "F*ck 'em Bucky!"


SBG said...

Try this explanation on for size. The Badgers had no business winning in the Metrodome a couple of weeks ago. Turn about is fair play.

Cheesehead Craig said...

SBG you ignorant slut. Stick to covering baseball.