Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Breaking News!

AP - On the heels of President Bush nominating his former personal attorney for the Supreme Court, the President has announced several other moves. His personal chef at his Texas ranch, Stacy Miller, will now be running the Department of Health and Human Services. His personal chiropractor, James Buhrat, will be the new head of the Department of Labor. The Department of Energy will now be run by his barber, Nathan Sledge and his former high school algebra teacher Nancy Cartwright, will be appointed the governor of Idaho. On the last appointment, the President said "I have very fond memories of Ms. Cartwright, even though I haven't spoken to her since high school, she'll do fine. Plus, Idaho's not all that important of a state anyway, so she's free to mess up."

On other news, I have my latest article atThe Frozen Tundra


SBG said...

CC -- You are doing a HECKUVA job reporting all the news!

Cheesehead Craig said...

Thanks SBG! I try not only to entertain, but inform as well.