Monday, October 03, 2005

My Wife Kicks Ass!

Rachel ran the 10 mile portion of the Twin Cities Marathon yesterday, and did awesome! I am incredibly proud of her as just 5 months ago, she was not even running. Just over a week ago, she hurt her ankle and she was unsure if she would be able to run. God certainly answered our prayers and helped her along the entire race. Her ankle did not hurt. God also put her best friend Molly right along side her and when Rachel thought she could not make it with a mile to go, Molly was there encouraging her to do it. Needless to say, her running this race was inspirational. I am incredibly proud of you Rachel!

Well, the Brew Crew finished the season at .500. They did not beat the Twins so my prediction did not come true, but I'm still proud as hell of this team finishing 14 games higher than last season. They put this kind of improvement next season, that's 95 wins and contention for the division and certainly the playoffs. Good times are here for the Crew my friends. Looking forward to some more offseason moves by the best GM in the business, Doug Melvin, to get this team over the hump.

Can Bielema make halftime adjustments or what? The Badgers have not been scored on in the 3rd Q and have given up 24 points in the 2nd half over 5 games this year. Wow. This team at times looked sloppy against Indiana, as I think they played down to the level of their opponent. The young, inexperienced defense made some glaring mental errors on the 2 TD passes by Indiana. That was to be expected, but they still won and that's the important thing. Only 8 more wins to a Rose Bowl championship.

Tonight is a big game for the Pack, one that I feel they must win. They have steadily improved their performance each week and hopefully this will culminate in a win tonight. Given that the division leader is still at 1 win, the Packers are far from out of the race with Detroit still being Detroit and the Vikings looking like the worst team in the division right now.


Shane said...

Yes, I was very suprised, knowing how much difficulty her ankle was giving her, that Rachel was able to run as well as she did. Indeed, it looks like we have witnessed a miracle! However, we should also not discount the months of training Rachel went through. You are a bona-fide athlete now, Rachel! You ran like a champion yesterday!

What a great day! Kudos again to Rachel and Molly!

Anonymous said...

Finally checking in on your football babble. I also want your followers and others to know that...yes! Rachel and Molly did kick serious ass at the marathon. Couldn't be prouder!
But Mr. Cheesehead, I must rave about the fantastic job you did as "Logger of the Week" Sat. Someone should name a candy bar or cereal after you as a thanks for all your hard work and the example you set for your children when you came out to help some rural old people cut trees and dig stumps and shovel rocks. But the best was your expertise with the chain saw....Could have a Minnesota Chain Saw massacre in the making.
You are a true prize, but cheesy!
Go Craig! You know who this is from and so does Shane.

Cheesehead Craig said...

You are more than welcome Sandy. Couldn't ask for a better mother-in-law.

Anonymous said...

¡Hola! Quise ver todo que escribiste sobre los deportes y lo demás y como ya sabía antes, no me interesó nada. Pues, me gustó lo que dijiste sobre mi hermana. Ella es una verdadera campeona, ¿no? Y creo que todos nosotros hemos visto un cambio muy profundo en ella. Por ejemplo, ella me ha ayudado mucho en mi viaje a la buena salud. Y sí, ella y Molly corrieron muy bien. Cuando yo las vi, casi lloré de saber que estuvo bien y que iba a terminar la carrera. Bueno - tengo que irme. Vengo a tu casa esta tarde para darte tu video y unos DVD's que les gustarán. Con cariño. Tú sabes quien soy.