Monday, October 31, 2005

The worst 8-1 team in the country

Who are the Wisconsin Badgers? You are correct.

There is nothing wrong with the offense of the Badgers, that's for sure. Calhoun is the best RB in the Big Ten this year (yes, this includes Maroney) with 1200+ yds rushing and 19 TDs. He is also an outstanding receiver out of the backfield, similar to a Warrick Dunn or Tiki Barber. Stocco is having an outstanding year in completing over 60% of his passes and putting a lot of pressure on opposing defenses with his play.

The defense however is another story. Granted, they lost 8 starters from last year and have massive injury problems this season. They are playing the classic bend-but-don't-break defense and have the "W"s to show that it's working. I think the world of Bielema and the job he has done this year, but the 400+ yard games against his defense are going to bite him big time someday, and that day might be at Penn State this weekend. Let's hope he can make some fixes in time for what is going to be the game for the Big Ten title.

And to further continue the "Ying and Yang" trend that I posted last week, the Badgers won and the Packers lost on the same weekend. This is now 7 straight weeks of the fate of the Packers being determined by the Badgers.

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Sara said...

I saw this and thought you should see it. Barry Alvarez to be Bronzed