Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Links of the day

In a blatant steal from Shane at the Greet Machine (see link to his site on the right), I have decided to do a Links of the Day.

Here's one from Mark Attasasio
thanking the fans for a great season. This guy is simply a class act and it's easy to see great success in the very near future for this club with him at the helm.

You gotta check out
the Sausage Racers page. Just fantastic reading.

Did you know that the Packers nickname is the
oldest in the NFL? It's true.

The Border Battle between WI and MN is back for it's 2nd season.
There has been 7 new events added, and MN has a 40-20 lead currently. However, much like last year, the Goophs will choke and the Badgers will once again claim the title.

The Bucks are currently ranked #15 in
ESPN's initial Power Rankings, playoffs for them this year are a sure bet.

News of the Wierd. You just gotta read it.

And finally, you knew this was going to be here.


Shane said...

Thief! You couldn't even come up with a new name?

Well, they do say that "mimicry is the highest form of flattery." So, I guess you can carry on!

By the way, good links. The Daisy link is pure evil. I just had to click on it! I couldn't stop myself!

Cheesehead Craig said...

I did say it was a blatant steal.

I prefer to think of Daisy as naughty, not evil.