Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Disappointment Avenue

Man, when WI sports go bad, they really go bad.

Just a brutal road trip so far. Even though they have played some of the better teams in the NL, 2-6 is still a rather, shall we say, disappointing record. Great to see that Lee and Fielder are bashing the hell out of the ball and Fielder is hitting his way up the batting order. The pitching has been brutal over the last 3 games, but the offense has been pretty good. It's early in the season, so no need to panic at this point.

They lose to Washington in their last game of the season and go from a 5th seed in the playoffs to an 8th. This whole season was disappointing in that for some reason they could not figure out a workable rotation, TJ Ford was inconsistant and Bogut was not utilized effectively enough. Whether it was the 5th or 8th seed, it didn't matter much as the Bucks won't win their first round matchup regardless. However, should they somehow win 4 against Detroit, I still reserve the right to go ape-sh*t.

All that money and nobody willing to take it. Disappointing that there is no offer at all for Arrington. Disappointing that everything seems to be about Favre Favre Favre (let it go media people). I just want the draft to get here and have the Packers select AJ Hawk. A LB corp of Hawk, Barnett and Arrington would make most of Packerland toast some beers and eat some cheese curds. Not that we need an excuse or event for that mind you.


Miriam said...

There's always Badger hockey, what with both the women's and men's teams rocking the championships...

Women's hockey is even better, what with $5 general admission and free parking.

Cheesehead Craig said...

Absolutely Miriam. As a UW alum, I am very proud of the hockey programs this year. I did not realize they had free parking there. Although when I have gone to the Kohl Center, I park over in the Mifflin steet area and walk on over.