Sunday, April 30, 2006

Draft Day 2

Back for more? Sounds good. After having a night to think about the OL and read up more, they do sound like exactly the type of OL we need for the zone blocking scheme. I feel much better about them as picks.

Round 4
Cory Rodgers (WR) Texas Christian
Told you TT would take more WR in this draft. Rodgers broke tackles and made defenders miss in college. Had a poor combine workout thus he fell down the charts, so the Packers likely got him at a bargain here as he played well above his combine numbers in college. Like him.

Will Blackmon (WR) Boston College
Return man anyone? Only played WR for a year as made the switch from DB, but did it well. Still is a project at that position, but he's drafted as a return man and special teamer. Has excellent punt and kickoff return abilities. TT did a nice job improving the special teams with this pick.

Oh, and Eslinger and that lovable WI FB Bernstein are still available. Bernstein is a blocking machine and I would love to see him in Green and Gold.

Round 5
Ingle Martin (QB) Furman
3rd string QB possibly. He's a project (plus he's had a history of being a punter, so TT may have drafted a punter possibility)

Tony Moll (OT) Nevada
Oh come on TT, draft Bernstein would you? You have no replacement set up for Henderson and you are jerking around with more OL. Tony is a 6'4" 300 lb former tight end turned OT. Again, more athletic OL. I get it, we need those to implement the blocking system, but enough already. This guy would have likely been a non-drafted player. Eslinger and Bernstein will be drafted and they are going to be solid NFLers, IMO.

Round 6
Sorry for the delay on posting the picks, I try to have some life outside of this.

Johnny Jolly (DT) Texas A&M
Ok, the name along necessitated us drafting him. He's what you would label a bit of a project and a team that drafted him was needing to have a good DL coach and in an aggressive style of DL play. In other words, perfect for the Packers. The Packers D-Line is pretty deep, so he has a chance to develop.

Tyrone Culver (FS) Fresno State
Labelled as smart player who will contribute on special teams right away. Only started 1 season at Fresno State, so that is concerning. However he rarely gets beaten and has good instincts. Could be late round gem.

Round 7
Dave Tollefson (DE) NW Missouri State
The 2005 MIAA (D-2) Defensive Player of the Year. Nice pass rusher and physically looks way too much like Kampman.

Well, that's it. TT started the draft with 7 picks and ended up with 12. That would make 23 picks over the last 2 drafts. With that many picks, TT is bound to come up with some solid starters and good roster depth. I sure as heck hope so at least. This draft does seem pretty good. Not spectacular at this point, but if 4 of these picks makes a positive impact on the team this year, this will be a good draft.


NYPackerbacker said...

Thanks for the great coverage and commentary. Interesting how the draft exposes so many layers of the game. The media have their agenda, namely creating a story and then putting you in the ‘loser’ column when they don’t get one. The fans are hard wired to want results now and to hope, endlessly hope. Likewise, the coaches have their needs and the general manager has his own.

Being critical of TT has been a fan blogging pastime for a while now. I've certainly vented some of my 4-12 frustration that way. Yet, I can’t help feeling I'm seeing a different aspect of his game in this draft. I’m starting to see TT’s side, God help me.

If nothing else, TT is building the team in his image. His approach may be limited, but he's definitely begun at the beginning, by solidifying his own position. He's stared down Brett, the media, and to a lesser extent Javon. He's gotten rid of the negative elements, and is conducting the draft he wants, the way he wants.

Right or wrong, he's working with the GM as the base, and has certainly strengthened that position.

From there he's got his coach, and is building a solid OL, and defense. From this point of view -certainly less exciting than the media and some fans would have liked- he's stepping off from much firmer ground than Sherman ever had.

TT’s draft may suffer by comparison to Denver’s, which seems legendary at this point. But bold moves, such as free agency signings, or signing flashtalent like Vernon Davis, which would require a restructuring of a very new scheme, are better served when the team has stabilized its approach. That time may well come in two years or so, and serve to put the new team over the top into the elite.

I'm beginning to sense an 8-8 team this year, but one that blocks and tackles, and even wins at home. I'm thinking an entirely different approach than Sherman had, which can't be a bad thing.

I'm thinking maybe a good start, really.

Tim said...

Thanks for the commentary, good to see for those of us without ESPN. Just wondering what you think in general of TT's strategy of stockpiling picks, because I love it. Given how much of a crapshoot the draft is, might as well bring in as many as you can, and give yourself the statistical advantage - its like getting extra cards playing poker.

Second, the Packer's now have 2 good CBs and 2 good LBs (assuming Hawk works out), many players returning from injuries, and a last place schedule. Is there any way they can not have a winning record this year?

Cheesehead Craig said...

Hey, thanks for reading guys! I tried to cover the draft as best I could. I'm no football expert mind you, just wanted to throw my 2 cents on things.

Overall, I do like TT's draft and going in to this, I knew that he would trade down. It's frustrating when you are expecting a pick, then you have to wait another hour or so.

One cannot truly deem the success of a draft until at least 3 years. Denver sure as heck had a good one though it seems.

So NYPackerbacker - I agree that TT has a plan and is sticking to it regardless. I admire the heck out of him for doing so. It will lead to success, I am confident of that. John Clayton can kiss my ass. Only way he would have been happy is to draft Reggie Bush, Vernon Davis, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold and get Javon to make up with Favre. He's one of those who wants the Packers to win one more for Favre and do whatever it takes to make it happen. TT is not and should not do that.

Tim - Getting this many picks can only help a team. Like you said, the more cards you can get, the better chance you'll have a good hand. This defense really is on the cusp of becoming a very good one. Last season they were realistically a 15-16 ranked defense (taken into account pts given up, yardage, 3rd down %, penalties and such). This year, they will come out and be a legit top 10.

Of course I had my preferences on who I wanted the Packers to pick. So pardon my slamming TT when that didn't happen. But I think he did a nice job.

Anonymous said...

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