Thursday, April 20, 2006

These picks are made for Walker

Sorry for the Nancy Sinatra reference there ("These Boots are made for walking", get it? Oh never mind). Yesterday the 49ers traded their 2nd and 3rd round picks for one of the Broncos 1st round picks (#22 overall). So, what does this have to do with the Packers you may ask? One could look at this as the Broncos acquiring an additional 2nd round pick in order to trade for Javon Walker.

The Broncos have expressed very serious interest in acquiring Walker from the Packers and TT has apparently stated privately that he will not accept anything less than a 2nd round pick. With the Broncos now having 2 2nd rd picks, they could trade the one they just got from the 49ers (which is the 37th overall pick) for Walker, which would give the Packers 2 straight picks in the 2nd round. This would enable the Packers to get rid of the crybaby Walker and be able to pick up a potentially 3 starters through the draft.

On a sad note, the Packers have announced that they are going to release Terrence Murphy. Murphy had a very bright future at WR for the Pack, but a spinal cord injury has knocked him out of the game. He was a 2nd round pick last year. I was really hoping he could continue to play, but it looks like the medical experts disagree.

The 2006 draft is coming up next weekend, and I'll look at who we can look forward to the Pack possibly selecting in the first couple of rounds next week.

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