Friday, April 07, 2006

High Noon

Well, the NFL schedule came out yesterday and the Packers play a whole lotta noon games, 11 of them in fact. Good, I like consistency like this so that I don't have to wait all afternoon to have my Sundays ruined by a Packer loss, I can get that out of the way sooner in the day. Also, thanks to the NFL who had the Packers and Vikes play on the Thursday prior to Christmas as an apology for making them play on Christmas Eve 2 years ago.

Now comes the part that I get quite a bit of amusement out of: the predictions fans start making on the records. You see and hear things like "We got an easy schedule this year and you know 10-6 looks real possible" or a game-by-game prediction of what's going to happen. There's been no draft yet, no camp, and no injuries yet and everyone knows that things can change drastically during the season and the whole "any given Sunday" phrase sure plays itself out enough during the season. Add in to the fact that we don't know who the hell our starting QB or RB is, whether our #1 WR is coming back or how the new coaches are going to do; and these predictions are just silly and overall meaningless.

This will not however stop me from joining in and being an idiot myself. The great Oracle sees this team being: 7-9. Not a real impressive record for sure, but this is not a real impressive team at this point. We're rebuilding here people, the sooner you realize that, the better adjusted you will be on expectations. Of course I reserve the right to change this prediction at a later time.


John B. said...

Noon Packer games are usually bad for me...our 'local' NFC team around here is the Bears, so if the Bears kick off at noon (which they usually do, based on their recent performance they don't have a lot of national telecasts) and the Pack kick off at noon, I only see the Bears.

Can't convinve the wife into the NFL Sunday package, at least I have Sirius and can listen to all of the Packer games live.

Cheesehead Craig said...

I'm in MN, so I have the same problems with the Vikes. However, there is a Packer bar 5 minutes from my house that I am able to go to and enjoy the game with about 20-30 Packer fans there. Cheaper and more fun than DirectTV.

The Packer Radio Network cannot get through the Twin Cities real well, so this is my only real option.

SBG said...

I heard that the last 7 weeks of the season that every Sunday game is listed at noon through out the league. The league reserves the right to reschedule those games to accommodate the Sunday night game on NBC. Other games scheduled at noon could be played at 3:00.