Thursday, April 27, 2006

Woodson signs with the Pack

Charles Woodson signed a 7 year $52M deal yesterday with the Packers as TT finally spent some of that cap $ that's been burning a hole in his pocket before it got to little Teddy (I'm just guessing as to what he calls it). The deal is pretty good for the Packers as 10.5M of it counts towards this season and 7.5M of it is over the next two seasons after that, so it fits in nicely with the cap room they have now, without hampering the cap in future seasons. Now all that's left is for Woodson to stay healthy and perform at the high level that we all know he can. At least I hope like hell that this will happen. After all, aren't fans supposed to be all giddy after their team signs a big-name free agent?

The CB combo of Harris and (a healthy) Woodson makes for a very solid duo and combining them with safeties Collins and Manuel creates what can be one of the better defensive backfields the Packers have put forth in quite some time. The Packers have definately addressed the secondary this offseason and made that unit into a strength. This signing also moves Carroll to the nickel back position where I believe he can flourish at. He made some great strides last year in his game and this is an opportunity to continue his improvement.

Tune in tomorrow for who I think the Packers will take in the first 3 rounds of the draft. Not that I have any great insight mind you... wait, I am the Oracle of Cheese after all, so yes, I do have some insight.

The Brewers sweep the Braves (although Turnbow sure made it interesting yesterday didn't he?) to get their record to 12-10. The starting pitching was phenominal all series long and maybe things will start to come around for them.

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