Friday, May 06, 2005

7th Heaven

The residents of Milwaukee have been witness to many a 7 game streak from their local baseball club, the Brewers. Until yesterday afternoon those have all been of the losing variety. Their beloved team is now the owners of the longest winning streak in baseball. First the Reds fell, then the hated Cubs, now it's time to dispose of the M-E-T-S Mets Mets Mets! The most encouraging part of this streak is that 5 of these games were 1 run wins. These games are the ones that turn a season around. The Crew are not folding in close games and are finding ways to win. Yesterday's game ball is tough to call as 2 players played outstanding, Brady Clark and Lyle Overbay. I'm giving it to Clark though as he got on base in every at bat and gave the Brewers lots of scoring opportunities. Overbay had 2 perfect sac flies to bring in runs which just underscores what a great season he is having. I've seen far too many situations like this when the hitter cannot make that sacrifice and a scoring opportunity is wasted. And yes, the title of this post was to drag in people looking for the family TV show. Nothing wrong with more exposure, unless you are taking that literally and start running around wearing just an overcoat, then I am worried about you.


Shane said...

Congratulations to all Brewers fans! Seven in a row is indeed something to be good about. Not quite as good as the 15 in a row the Twins won in 1991 (on their way to the World Series), but you definitely have a nice little "starter" win streak.

Cheesehead Craig said...

The longest streak for the Brewers is 13 wins, which they did in 1987. Not quite as good as the 15 of the Twins, true. So take your "starter" win streak comment and shove it up your Metrodome.

Shane said...

Man! Do I proof read my comments before I send them? Sheesh, what an idiot!

And there will come a day when your Metrodome based put-downs will no longer affect me. Oh, how how I long for that day!