Thursday, May 26, 2005

Buck Me!

As mentioned yesterday, the Bucks got the lucky bounce of the ping-pong balls and landed the #1 draft pick for the NBA draft on June 28th. This is huge in not only drafting a franchise player, but also in keeping Redd this offseason. Getting an elite draft pick will no doubt help convince Redd to stay in Milwaukee. 414 does a great job on the obvious choices the Bucks have: Bogut or Williams. Bogut is an immediate impact player with his already polished game. Williams is clearly the best athlete in the draft with a tremendous upside, but will not show it for 2-3 years. I know that everybody is in love with Bogut, but I will agree with 414 here, the Bucks gotta go Williams. The Bucks already have 2 centers in Gadzuric and Pachula, and neither of them or Bogut can play the 4 spot. They have spent a lot of time in developing Gadz into a starting center as he can go 30+ minutes a game and put up 10/8.5 numbers this coming season. The Bucks could put Williams, Mason, Gadz, Redd and Ford (assuming healthy) and simply run and jump most teams out of the gym. That pace and style of play should get any Bucks fan drooling. They trade this pick, they better have one heck of a deal in place. This type of luck doesn't happen too often.

Nice sweep of the Rockies. The Brewers beat a team they were supposed to and did it convincingly over the series. The starting pitching was awesome the whole series and the bullpen performed admirably as well. I was able to watch some of the game at work on ESPN in the break room. Eucker was in the TV announcers booth for a while and was just hysterical. Love the man.

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