Wednesday, May 11, 2005

This, that and the other thing

A couple of thoughts going through my head today:
  • This week my father-in-law, Jerry, is visiting from PA. For those of you who don't know, my wife was born and raised in eastern PA, right by the NJ border in the Pocono mountains. It's always great to see Jerry as my kids love him and he is an entertaining guy. Plus, he always finds a way to put in the phrase "Meanwhile, back on the ranch, grandma was beating off the Indians". Sophmoric, but it always gets me.
  • That sure was one heck of win for the Brewers last night. Over at Brew Crew Ball I predicted an 8-3 Brewers win. Final score was 8-5, so I think that was pretty damn good prediction. He's got a great site and I highly recommend him (even though he won't give me a link) along with Al's Ramblings as the top 2 Brewer sites. Brady Clark gets last nights game ball with another great game. That boy just simply gets on base and allows things to happen for this club. He is such an improvment over Posednick that it's scary.
  • The other thing that gets me laughing at the Vikes is that even when things seem to be going their way like a good draft and good FA signings, one of their main backs they were counting on, Onterrio Smith, goes and gets caught with a Whizzinator, which for those of you who don't know is a kit to foil drug tests. Hmmmm, given that the self proclaimed Steal Of the Draft has already tested positive 2x for drugs and now gets caught with this, I would say that he is still using. The Vikings claim that they didn't know about this, even though this happened 2 days prior to the draft and even though they had a very good stable of backs, they draft another RB. Hmmmm, methinks they did know and were making plans for when they dumped him come June 1.

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Anonymous said...

1) They'll probably dump him before June 1st as they don't have to worry about the salary cap situation.

2) I'm not so sure the SOD was using the TOW to foil drug tests...I think he was using it to try to impress the ladies.