Thursday, June 02, 2005

F*ck 'Em Bucky!

I know it's a little late on this but...

Border Battle
2004-05 Final Standings - Wisconsin 235, Minnesota 205

It's great to be an alum of the UW. Once again the Badgers prove their superiority over the Goophs by claiming the Border Battle Cup. I recall after the Goophs were up 185-75, my neighbor Shane was wanting to bet me to end his losing ways over the bets we have. I almost did it out of pity just so he could win one. However, I decided that I was never going to concede any such thing to him and did not place a wager. Boy, am I kicking myself over this one. The Badgers took 160 of the last 180 points to claim the Border Battle Cup. Just one more piece of hardware that the U of M will not have in it's trophy case. Now, you may all dance at your computers while playing House of Pain's "Jump Around" in your heads, the official song of the student sections at UW Football games.

Brew Crew
Finally put together a complete game against a tough SD squad. Feels good to not get swept and now they head off to LA. Let's hope for a series win there. Nice job by Lee and Jenkins to provide the long ball spark we know they possess. I predict Lee will go yard again tonight. He tends to hit a HR in consecutive games.

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